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We feel good enjoyment in presenting you to definitely a world of fragrances where you can investigate designer and market perfumes at your fingertips. Now you must access to 30-day availability of countless designer bouquets, delivered at your doorstep at just $17.45/ 30 days.

Designer Perfume
“Since childhood I have invariably been fascinated with the effectiveness of fragrances. In a really young age, I was thinking certain fragrances would improve my self-confidence and change just how I feel.”, states Preet Sohal, Chief executive officer. He adds, “Cut to my teenage life, I started experimenting with bouquets as my fascination with fragrances increased. I invested a lot of time at big brand name shops trying to find my best match.

The lovely attendants would squirt 50 various fragrances on to a stick until I couldn’t distinguish one from another and would end up throwing away money buying something that would take a seat on my rack for six months as I wouldn’t like it right after wearing it for a few days. I had been sick and bored of this, I thought how nice would it be if someone could give precise perfume suggestions based on your needs. A one quit fragrance shop, where one could try all sorts of perfumes without having to spend a lot of money.”

Designer Perfume
At ScentGod, we use technology to help you find your best perfume match up. Just require a fast test and our algorithm will suggest essences that match your flavor. You choose from more than 200 essences and attempt a different perfume each and every 30 days! A perfume for each taste, every event, each and every frame of mind. With us, you can take a risk on new things when you invest only $17.45 not $100 for a whole container that might just become a show item on the dressing up table.

Now you can date essences before you wed them. Use a different aroma every month and locate your ideal match, or else you can try as much as you like and make your distinct fragrance collection.

We also have a Premium account selection for our customers. This Premium account will give them use of luxurious bouquets like the Tom Ford range, Dior Suavage, Cartier La Panthere and many more.

“Our customer is our amount one concern. The concept behind the premium membership is always to give the customer much more options to play with.”, states their CEO, Preet Sohal. He additional, “ a Tom Ford fragrance generally expenses around $300, with us you can take advantage of the same scent for just a small fraction of that cost.”

Monthly Perfumes
The High quality account expenses $24.95/ 30 days. There exists a number of more than 250 bouquets at the moment and also have over 15,000 happy customers Australia- broad. Our objective at ScentGod would be to make attempting perfumes enjoyable once again, where xmtcsk could try out all sorts of perfumes and in the end discover their perfect match.

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